CDD's 10th Anniversary Community Meeting

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We celebrated our “10 Years of Collaborative Drug Discovery” anniversary at the UCSF Mission Bay conference center in San Francisco on April 4th, 2014.

View recordings of the conference:

Opening Remarks - with UCSF Host, Stephanie Robertson and CDD CEO, Barry Bunin

Collaborative Workflow: Basic and Advanced Use Cases of CDD Vault Charlie Weatherall (CDD) & Anna Spektor (CDD)

The Rockefeller University Compound Screening Library J. Fraser Glickman (Rockefeller University)

Orphanization of Nuclear Receptors Ruo Steensma (Orphagen Pharmaceuticals)

Linking the Molecular Structure of Medicines to their Biological Effects Bob Volkmann (Systamedic & Mnemosyne Pharmaceuticals)

10 Years Evolving Our Collaborative Drug Discovery Vaults Barry Bunin (CDD)

CDD Vault: Noteworthy recent enhancements and a preview of things to come David Blondeau (CDD) & Kellan Gregory (CDD)

Targeting the Immunoproteasome- Dustin McMinn (Onyx Pharmaceuticals)

Hit Generation for the Treatment of Prion Diseases Using Phenotypic Screens Joel Gever (UCSF)

Exploiting Bigger Data and Collaborative Tools for Predictive Drug Discovery Sean Ekins (CDD)

Lipinski CDD 10th Anniversary Thoughts on Drug Discovery Christopher Lipinski

Panel: Perspectives on Drug Discovery Collaborations moderated by Christopher Lipinski

We want to thank our sponsors who made this conference possible:

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