White Paper: Promoting Effective Project Teams for Drug Discovery

Meeting the Informatics Needs of All Team Members

When only 1 in 10 drugs tested in humans gets to the market, and those take 10-12 years to go through the process, it’s amazing when any drug discovery and development team is successful! A new white paper is available which explores the mechanisms for meeting the informatics needs of today’s multi-disciplinary drug discovery project teams which often involve public-private partnerships:

  • Explore why the sharing of data across disciplines is essential. Medicinal chemists and screening biologists working together are inherently more productive.
  • Read how an informatics system’s usability, especially by project scientists, relates to a project’s success.
  • See why confidence in data security enables extensive global collaborations.

Download this white paper today and discover how your team may become more a part of the successful statistic!

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