Dose Response Curves in CDD Vault

Upload Screening Data to your Own Private Hosted Database for Analysis

Do you normally use Excel spreadsheets to manually process your raw screening data? Have you ever made a mistake coding the fitting algorithm? Instead of all of this manual labor, upload your primary screening data to your own private hosted database, where dose response curves are automatically generated for you using the tested and trusted Levenberg-Marquardt damped least-squares method. Your data will be secure, but always accessible to you for search, retrieval, or analyses. This easy to use system relies on private hosted cloud technology to make your job more efficient at a low price any user can afford.

CDD Vault is a hosted database solution for secure management and sharing of chemical and biological data. It lets you intuitively organize and analyze chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with internal or external partners through an easy to use web interface.



It automatically fits dose response curves to your screening data with:

  • Interactive dose response plots
  • Calculates IC50, EC50, and MIC
  • Fit validation and statistics (R2, 95% CI)
  • Multiple data normalization methods
  • Manual outlier flagging
  • Full user control over curve parameters
  • Dose response curve classification

Cloud technology now makes it possible to have a complete solution for drug discovery informatics at a fraction of the legacy cost. It has never been easier to collect all your screening data, calculate dose-response, and build SAR tables. CDD Vault is affordable to academic laboratories, research foundations, and small companies.

When using the CDD Vault, all your assay data, compound structures, and dose response curves are securely managed and readily accessible to you from any web browser. This innovative hosted solution makes it possible to share selected data sets with your colleagues in the lab or across the globe.