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Advanced Drug Discovery & Data Screening Methods w/Chris Lipinski

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 Thursday September 13th at 9AM (PT), 12:00 (ET) 16:00 (GMT)

Please join us for an discussion with Drs. Christopher Lipinski and Barry Bunin.

Whether you love or hate the “Lipinski Rule of 5 (Ro5)” you certainly can’t ignore Lipinski’s Rule (or what Chris has to say about it today). Lipinski’s rule has become the established benchmark by which almost all drug discovery analyses are now compared.

These experts will discuss:

  • Advanced drug discovery & data screening methods
  • What is the Lipinski Rule of 5 & How you can go beyond the Rule of 5 to achieve better results
  • New technologies to better assess the quality of your screening data
  • Experimental culture and sociology as a factor in clustering your results
  • How scientists can (and should) respond to the growing opioid addiction crisis – which has actually lowered life expectancy in America

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