Informatics for Effective Management of Herbicide Screening Data

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“We needed an informatics infrastructure that could offer a database to hold vast numbers of images and screening data, act as a compound management platform, offer an ELN and give us a secure system through which to share data with our partners. It was a tall order that CDD Vault has fulfilled impeccably.”
- Dr. Shuji Hachisu, CTO, MoA Technology

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MoA Technology is a UK-based agritech company with a mission to identify safe herbicides with novel modes of action. After reviewing a number of technologies, MoA Tech tried CDD Vault and quickly realized its advantages as an informatics platform.

“Because CDD Vault and the ELN are so secure, we can set up user accounts for our CRO partners through which they can directly access experiments that our scientists have designed for them to carry out and report back their results.”

Download the full case study and find out why CDD Vault is the best collaborative informatics system for agritech companies. 

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