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Structure Activity Relationships and Additivity — Going Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Thursday, September 19th at 9AM (PT), 12-noon (ET) and 16:00 (GMT) 

Medicinal chemistry structure activity relationships have been optimized for decades. So, there is nothing new under the sun — right? Wrong.

Join us to hear what’s new with theory, experiments, and technologies for better understanding SAR and additivity (and non-additivity) in our webinar with Drs. James “Guy” Breitenbucher and Peter Gedeck.

breitenberger_UCSF_AD_Prusiner_CTE_drugdiscovery_prion_tau Peter-Gedeck-1
James Guy Breitenbucher, PhD
Peter Gedeck, PhD
Collaborative Drug Discovery

The discussion will focus on:
  • Where SAR broke the traditional additivity rules
  • What frameworks are most practical for understanding different types of underlying SAR patterns
  • New technologies to more rapidly traverse SAR fragment lattices just invented

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